Mom holding baby wrapped in a Cuddlecloth - a great baby shower gift idea.

CuddleCloth® is made for your Convenience and Baby's Safety

Cuddlecloth, a patented easy release hooded baby bath towel made for baby's safety and your convenience is an ideal baby shower gift.  Cuddlecloth is worn on parent "before"   bathing baby.  After bath, mom/dad use both hands to safely lift baby from the water directly on Cuddlecloth.  With a natural motion, pull towel from top and side to cover child, Cuddlecloth automatically releases from mom's neck and dries baby. And we have more Cuddlecloth gift ideas for baby showers!

Watch our Cuddlecloth hooded baby towel video

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cuddlepet bath towel

A patented unique bath towel bib worn on bather prior to bathing pet

After bath, You are able to use both hands to safely lift pet from the water directly to Cuddlepet. By pulling towel from top, Cuddlepet easily releases from your neck.  The Cuddlepet towel is now around puppy (or other small pet), not you.  Your floors will stay dry and no more safety issues about slipping or wiping water off everything!


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Cuddlette new born baby bathing towel.  A great baby shower gift idea.

Cuddlelette™ is ideal for newborns and can be used as a nursing cover - Another creative baby shower gift idea for new born baby.

Shorter version of CuddleCloth® - Cuddlette is still a generous, 32"W x 36"L. Same great quality as Cuddlecloth.

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Our baby shower beach towel backpack all set for the baby shower.

Our latest invention! A baby shower gift bag all set for the baby shower.

4 in one CuddleTote™ is a Cuddlecloth, a backpack, a wet bag for bathings suits and a changing mat in one.  Another great baby shower gift idea.

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cuddlepet bath towel

CuddleRounds Coming Soon!

More information will be posted as it is gathered.

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Are you still thinking about getting away from the same old same old.  Head to the hills! West Virginia is one of the most affordable places for families to vacation.  You can discover many wonders and lots of history, from these ancient mountains.

Ok, I am partial because you see, I am a Mountaineer.  Hometown is Huntington and I'm a  Marshall University graduate.  Today, I'm a Florida transplant so every time I go home, I get to experience my state as a tourist.

My brother, Ted, is a great tour guide for us because he finds all of these cool nooks and cranny's that most people have no idea are there.  His secret is exploring and talking to the locals.   Contrary to being depicted as quarrelsome and angry, most folks are very friendly and helpful,  They'd love to tell you about the slice of heaven they live in.

Happy Birthday West Virginia!  This is where you can get lost and find you!  Discover jewels like this one!



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